What's included?

Your monthly cost includes:

  • Delivery and installation
  • A Canon multi-functional device(s) right-sized for your area
  • Auto replenishment of toner
    • Toner levels are monitored and the reminaing levels hit 10%, a new toner will automatically be shipped out. No ordering needed.
  • Staples and waster toner containers
    • Unlike toner staples and waster toner containers are NOT automatically shipped out. So, if you're running low on staples, or you receive an alert that the waster toner container is full (or getting full), you'll need to place an order. To place an order, simply submit a Help Request and be sure to include the model number and serial number of your device.
  • Pharos secure print license
  • HID card reader


Existing OnePrint Customers

To enable OnePrint Anywhere (secure print) at no additional cost, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Download the OnePrint Anywhere Users Import Template and complete
  2. Submit a Help Request with the following information
    1. Please enable OnePrint Anywhere on the following devices and create OnePrint Anywhere user accounts per the OnePrintAnywhereUsersTemplate.xlsx
  3. Attach the completed template to your ticket
  4. Once eIDS have been enabled for OnePrint Anywhere, users may swipe their VCUCard or manually log in with their VCU eID and password at any enabled OnePrint Anywhere device. Please note that it may take up to 24 hours for new  users to be enabled in our system.

New OnePrint Customers

To get your solution just right and to ensure we deliver the great benefits of this program, please complete the OnePrint intake spreadsheet and upload it to this brief survey to let us know what you need. 

  • We’re interested in your monthly print volume. How much do you print now? Is that likely to change? Are you under or overusing your current print device(s)?
  • What features do you need:  color printing? fax? hole punch? What’s the largest size paper you need to print?
  • The scope of your need:  do you need to replace 1 or 2 devices?  Or, do you want to optimize an entire department, floor, or building?
  • How urgent is your need?

Here’s what you can expect once your survey has been received.


Printing to OnePrint Anywhere devices is the same way you’ve always printed.

  • Select Oneprint_BW (black $ white) or Oneprint_Color (color) from the list of printers within your document
  • At the device, tap your VCUCard on the card reader at the device
    • Or, log in using your VCU eID and password
  • Select Charge to a code - FOAP, then select your budget code
  • When you reach the Home screen, press Copy & Print Release
  • You’ll see the documents that are in your print queue
  • Press Print All to print all of the documents. Or, touch a specific document to select it, then choose Print
  • Upon printing, the document will be removed from your print queue

Mobile Print

There are three options available for mobile printing.

Email an attachment from your VCU-issued email account

  • Email an attachment (25 MB or less) to one of the email addresses below.
  • Wait for email confirmation that your document is ready to print, then retrieve it from any OnePrint Anywhere enabled device
  • Send your email to oneprintbw@vcu.edu for black & white printing
  • Send your email to oneprintcolor@vcu.edu for color printing

Upload files to the mobile site

  • Visit https://mobile.oneprint.vcu.edu and log in using your VCU eID and password
  • Upload documents to your queue (supported file types up to 52.4 MB), then print them out at any OnePrint Anywhere enabled device
  • Using the mobile site, you can change various print settings in your queue (e.g., black & white or color, single- or double-sided, number of copies, page range)

Download and configure the Pharos Print app to your mobile device

  • Download the Pharos Print app (version 2.1.0 or later) available in the App Store for iOS and Android devices
  • Open the Pharos Print app. In the first field, enter mobile.oneprint.vcu.edu and in the second field, enter 443. Click Connect to continue.
  • On the log in screen, enter your VCU eID and password. Click Log On.
  • With the iOS app, you can manage print jobs sent to your queue as an email attachment, or via the mobile web site
  • With the Android app, you can ONLY upload and manage print jobs


  • Tap your VCUCard on the card reader at the device
    • Or, type in your VCU eID and password on the touch screen
  • Select Charge to a code - FOAP, then select your budget code
  • Place your document(s) on either the overhead scanner or the feeder
  • Touch Scan & Send
  • Enter the destination for the scan or select Send to Myself
  • Press the Green Start button to scan